About The Sunflower

The Sunflower is not the rarest of flowers, and yet the symbolism of the Sunflower is powerful and abiding. Sunflowers capture the imagination and wonder of all those who see it. When we connect with Sunflower we stimulate in ourselves feelings of strength, positivity, and warmth, and a deep commitment to loyalty, adoration, and loving acceptance. Why is this so?

The Sunflower seeks its energy from the Sun and follows the Sun from dawn to dusk soaking in the light, and the heat. When darkness settles in the Sunflower gently drops its head, and rests allowing the energy garnered from the Sun to be fully absorbed so that the Sunflower’s gifts of strength of stalk, brightness of colour, and abundance of nourishing seeds are emboldened.

The Sunflower’s gifts create everlasting nourishment, long life, and legacy as each seed allows for nourishment in the moment for self, and others. Should a seed be allowed to fully realize its potential the seed transforms into a Sunflower in its own right birthing another abundance of strength of stalk, brightness of colour, and seeds of nourishment. Sunflower is legacy incarnate.

Sunflower asks us to stand tall, connect with the positive rhythm of life, stay true to ourselves for we are enough, and finally to rest when the darkness envelopes us, having faith that the brightness of past Suns will sustain us in the Shadows.

Sunflower is a natural symbol for the work I do as a psychotherapist … helping my clients embrace the natural rhythm of life. Turning into and absorbing the light of their life in order to sustain them when the darkness closes in; allowing themselves to rest in the darkness so that they have the energy to connect with the light when it arrives again.