Nature Therapy

Nature therapy is a psychotherapy approach that takes place in or involving nature. This approach incorporates non-verbal, intuitive, and creative methods to expand and deepen inner wisdom and healing.

There are several ways that I will encourage and guide you in connecting with nature.

One approach is contrasting and comparing your experience as a human with something that resonates with you in nature through the use of nature focussed questions. As an example I might ask you in relation to a conversation on family dynamics if your family was a forest who would you be in that forest? From your answer we would then explore the relationship as it unfolds within a living forest and contrast that to your own lived experience in your own family.

Another approach is Questing. In this approach I will provide you with guidelines on exploring / questing out in nature with a specific goal and criteria for accomplishing that goal. I encourage you to make the quest your own; if my guidelines do not resonate with how you would like to approach the goal, then change up the guidelines to suit your inner desire or perhaps the guidelines suit you just fine, and yet the goal attained becomes something very different than what was suggested, or perhaps there is a mixing and matching of my suggestions and your own desires? Regardless of the process we will learn something unique, and important about you that will guide our conversations in future sessions, and in this facilitate both healing from wounds of the past, while moving forward to a life on your terms.

Access to nature can be as simple as your own yard or a nearby greenspace. You do not have to have access to vast tracts of wilderness to connect with nature and benefit from nature therapy.

Sometimes access to nature is not attainable due to weather or mobility concerns. In these types of situations accessing nature virtually through a variety of media platforms can provide an opportunity to benefit from the principles of nature therapy.


To find out more about Nature Therapy and begin your Quest towards healing and wholeness please CONNECT with me.

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your needs and goals while also providing more detailed information on how I work, and what the next steps are should we determine that I am the therapist best able to support you.