Sunflower Quests

The Sunflower Quests have been created to support, guide and heal the emotionally depleted and spiritually lost.

Each Sunflower Quest is a unique experiential process that blends your own life circumstances with the inherent wisdom of the natural, musical, and artistic world you are surrounded by.

The purpose of the Sunflower Quests is to bring your soul to the point of vision, rest, and stillness.

You do not need to be actively involved in psychotherapy to purchase and work with any of these Quests.

If you are a current client of O’Sullivan Psychotherapy you do not need to purchase these Quests as they will be shared with you as part of our work together.


Use the Add to Cart buttons to purchase any and all Sunflower Quests you are interested in. Once payment has been processed you will receive an email with the link(s) to download each Sunflower Quest you have purchased. Check your spam folder if you do not see this email in your regular email inbox. Note there are no returns or refunds for any reason.


Sunflower Art Work Quest – To connect with a piece of art that allows you to become mesmerized and “lost” within it in order to embrace and then release your own deep creative self. The quest then guides you to draw upon that creativity to work through a current challenge or dilemma while inspiring you to live more robustly and expressively.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download.              


Sunflower Honouring Tree Quest – To connect with a stately tree or natural element to honour both the life lived and the unfinished business of the life lost. This loss may be the physical death of an individual human or animal in your life, or it may be related to a living loss or inner loss of your own such as loss of health, career, family and so on. This quest is experienced outdoors. It is an ongoing quest that you may find yourself returning to complete over the course of weeks, months, or years.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download. 


Sunflower Identity Quest – To identify and connect with your personal sense of self and purpose through the consideration of an individual tree’s identity and purpose. Although the focus is on an individual’s connection to a tree, any environmental element can be drawn upon to provide the reflection of self this quest asks of you. So if you live in a tree limited or treeless space you will still be able to use the fundamentals of this quest successfully. This is an outdoor experiential quest.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download. 


Sunflower Musical Musing Quest – To connect with a piece of instrumental music that allows for a tapping into and flowing through of your inner emotional experience / “music”. This quest encourages the release of stuck and stagnant states of being leading to catharsis, clearing, clarity, and creativity. This quest can be experienced either indoors or outdoors. It requires ready access to music of your choice regardless of where you choose to undertake the quest.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download. 


Sunflower Releasing Quest – This is a powerful quest that guides you through the honouring and releasing of anything that is holding you in a dark, stagnant place in your life. It is particularly helpful for those seeking to acknowledge, honour, and release grief.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download


Sunflower What’s In A Name Quest – To claim a new name or reclaim a name on your terms after it has been taken away from you for any reason. Some examples of losing your name may include misuse, loss such as death, divorce, adoption, your name is a trauma trigger, you desire a name that aligns with the person you are now and so on. This quest is experienced both indoors and outdoors, and involves several smaller quests within the overall larger quest.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download.


Sunflower Vision and Aspirations Quest – To connect with your personal vision of the past, present and future through an Eagle’s eye perspective atop a Fir Tree. The quest then guides you deeper, asking you to reflect upon the aspirations of your younger you, and their alignment with who you are now and desire to be. This quest can be experienced either indoors or outdoors.

$5.00 CAD – Instant Download.