Corporate Support

In addition to my private practice psychotherapy services I also offer support, consulting, and education to organizations including not-for-profit community groups, police, fire, and paramedic services, health care services and corporate supporters, and veterinarian medical services and corporate supporters.



Support is often provided in one of two ways:

  1. Short-term notice to facilitate conversations after a critical incident has occurred in the organization. The most common request is for the facilitation of a group grief conversation after the death of an employee or client of the organization.
  2. Ongoing through the creation and facilitation of topic specific support groups. The two most common ongoing support groups I am asked to provide are for compassion fatigue, and for grief.



Consulting is often requested by organizations to assist them in creating policies, procedures, and internal / peer support processes to address two critical areas.

  1. Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout.
  2. Loss, grief, and bereavement.



The following is a list of current seminars and workshops on offer.


Seminars ~

Seminars typically run 90 to 120 minutes, specific information is provided on an aspect of a seminal topic, and a highly interactive group conversation with practical applications is then facilitated.


Grief Seminars ~

  1. Fact Versus Fiction ~ the truths and misconceptions of grief.
  2. No Two Paths Are Alike ~ the variables that make each grief journey unique.
  3. Mind, Body, Spirit ~ exploring the potential of grief to makes us wiser, stronger, kinder.
  4. Good Mourning Sunshine ~ fulfilling the needs of mourning to shift from sadness to joy.
  5. Feel to Heal ~ grief is transformative, we can find peace after loss if we are open hearted.


Meaning of Life / Existential Issues Seminars ~

  1. Living a Considered Life to Create a Peaceful Death ~ transforming our death anxiety and the three common end of life laments – “Is that all there is?” “If only” “Now what?” through a discussion of the three life affirmations “I had an amazing life”, “This is how I will be remembered”, and “I’m ready for the adventure of the spirit world”.
  2. Existential Anxiety as a Catalyst for Developing a Unique Identity ~ existential theory offers a philosophically compelling conversation through which we are able to consider and resolve our individual internal dilemmas allowing us to carve out unique individual identities that are at once respectful of, and distinct from the ghosts of our past.


Workshops ~

Workshops are full day or two half day events during which a topic is deeply delved into through lecture, interactive conversation, as well as individual and group experiential activities.  


Self-Care Workshop ~

  1. Pouring from an Empty Cup; Addressing Compassion Fatigue by Building Emotional Resiliency ~ Deep emotional and physical exhaustion is a hallmark of compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout resulting in a shift in a helper’s sense of hope and optimism about the future, and the value of their work in the home, as a volunteer, or professional. The level of fatigue a helper experiences can ebb and flow from one day to the next, and even very healthy helpers with optimal life/work balance, and self-care strategies can experience a higher than normal level of fatigue when they are overloaded, are working with a great deal of traumatic content, or find they are suddenly overwhelmed with situations that are chronically in crisis. The best strategy to address this fatigue is to develop excellent self-care strategies, as well as an early warning system that lets the helper know that they are moving into a state of overload. Whether a cup is half full or half empty, the cup can always be refilled; participants will learn how in this workshop.


Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your organization’s specific interests, and needs as it is my pleasure to customize any of my services in an effort to more effectively address the mental health, and psychoeducational needs of your organization.


I look forward to connecting with you.
Sheilagh O’Sullivan
Hons BA, MACP, RP, C.Hyp